Most affordable and reliable cloud application deployment platform!


Spin up a Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Mangento instance in seconds! No technical knowledge like database connection strings and editing config.php needed.


Have your own webapp in Ruby, Java, NodeJS or Python? We can run them for you on our platform. Scale your webapps with the click of a button.

Cloud Database

Want a cloud hosted database for your applications? Setup a single instance, zone or region replicated DB cluster with HDD or SSD for high availability and reliability.


Anticipating high traffic on your site? Just enable autoscaling and our world class infrastructure will take care of the rest.

Free Statistics

Access statistics of your site automatically for free, including number of pages requested, unique visitors by countries and platforms, bandwidth consumed, most popular pages etc.

Free SSL

Sites hosted on our platform get free SSL certificates automatically. You can relax and be assured that your visitors see exactly the same content you want them to see.

Cheapest Pricing

Our pricing plan starts with $1 per month which is cheaper than a cup of coffee! This plan allocates enough resources for getting started with your own site that can easily handle several tens of thousands of pageviews a day. When your business grows up, scale at the click of a button and pay only for the extra comuting resources used.

What beta users are saying ...


"I setup wordpress sites for my clients and they are happy at the speed I deliver them services with AppHoster!"


"I had to launch my cousin's online coffee store and AppHoster made it a breeze. Thank you!"


"AppHoster is an amazing service. I now save a lot of money on hosting costs for my clients' websites."

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